Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mwaka mpya mwema!

People are still saying "Happy New Year."

How long do they get to keep doing this? In an effort to not be an asshole, I will reply "you too," or "Oh yeah, New Year." I guess we're only nine days in and the sentiment to continue to congratulate me on flipping the biggest page on my calendar is in good spirits. But I have to think about whether anything worth talking about has occured in these people's lives since the ball dropped. If I were to blatantly ask this question of my holiday well-wishers and the only response they could muster was "well, it is a new year," I would throw the nearest colorful thing at them and yell in Swahili. At least then they could tell their friends about that instead of boring them with the holiday slogan that is starting to wear out its welcome.

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